Monday, January 21, 2008

My Brain, On and Off Drugs

It is a very good thing I have this blog, because I don't have a fully operating brain. To wit: in yesterday's mail (okay, yesterday was Sunday, so it was Saturday, so sue me for the wrong day), I received the latest issue of Wired magazine. Dammit, I says to myself, didn't I cancel that sub? Did they send me the latest issue figuring I'd pay up without thinking? Cheeky bastards, those Conde Nast people.

But then I got to thinking. Did I cancel that sub? I remember thinking about cancelling it. I remember spending some if not much time considering cancelling it. But do I remember cancelling it????????????????????


Then today, whilst perusing my list of blog posts looking for a likely draft that I could finish off and send for today's Blog365 entry, I came across this.

Karl Rove may have been Bush's brain, but ByJane is mine--or something like that.


  1. I think you will find that Wired is billing the credit card you originally used to pay for your first subscription. Since it's something like $10 bucks it is easy to miss.

    Getting them to stop billing your card is a bit trickier.

  2. If I don't write something down, it didn't happen.

  3. I'm starting to do all kinds of stuff like this. Can't remember whether or not I did something or just thought about doing it really hard. I am dreading the time when I decide to keep lists, but it's coming.

  4. john: you didn't go to the link, which was a post of mine from November in which I talked about why I decided NOT to cancel Wired.

    denise: huh? what?

    cce: cackle cackle--I love when you young'ns see the future coming nigh!

  5. I was reading this thinking... isn't that the one that made the cut?

  6. nina: see, that's your YOUTHFUL brain


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