Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm Purging...

...and cleaning and organizing and getting my shit sorted out. Herewith I offer for your edification several photos of my alleged Studio/Craft/Junk Room.

This place seriously needs help. I began tonight by organizing my circular knitting needles. Such growth....


  1. Hey, that's what I did this weekend. And YOU have far more space than I do. oh. Every little bit counts.

  2. Hey, one thing at a time!

  3. What Average Jane said. Starting with the circular needles is reasonable - you can only do one thing at a time. (Great light in that room, by the way. If I ever get out of New York, I want to have a craft room, too).

  4. denise: do you have space-envy?

    average jane: that's my new motto.

    nina: and I'm thinking of moving to NY--wanna trade?

  5. I ALWAYS have space envy! and time envy...I am on the space-time continuum and going nowhere...


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