Saturday, January 12, 2008

Calling All Tattoo Artists!

I wanna get a tattoo--on my finger. Third finger, left hand: to cover the indentation left by twenty years of wearing a wedding ring. I hate anything flowers or bugs either. Get creative, get artsy, get weird and wild. Surprise me!


  1. I'm not a tattoo artist, but the indentation isn't forever. Are you sure you want something permanent there? You know, because you can take a ring off, but a tattoo - not so easy.

    Let's just bring back little white gloves.

  2. I'm not a tattoo guy, of course. Don't want anything that permanent. I agree with the other comment...that indentation won't last forever.

  3. I had no idea you could get a permanent mark from a piece of jewelry.

    Wow. If you get a tattoo, it will LOOK wedding ring-sh. Right? Maybe just get a different and very non-relationship-like ring and wear it there?

  4. sturdy & karl: but I WANT a tattoo...somewhere

    nina: 20 years of wearing rings and, I dunno, the dermis or whatever is squooshed. who knew. beware.


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