Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rainy Day Blues, by Molly

Oh I'ma stuck out here in the mizzzerablest weather...
Help me, Lord...I say, help me!
'Cause I been a good doogggiiiee
But whoda knew it from the way them drops do rain down...
Oh, help me Lord...I say, help me...
Ain't my fault if I can't pee when the sun don't shine.
Ain't my fault if my poop won't plop 'cept on sunny days.
Oh, help me Lord...I say, help me, Lord....I say, help this poor sinner stay dry-eeeee!

--words and music by Anonymous


  1. My dog has the same aversion to inclement weather. I often say, "You're a dog. Get over yourself." But she wants no part of reasonable.

  2. cce: what's even worse is that Molly is part poodle--thems are WATER DOGS!


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