Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Golden Globes

So I did my bit for Hollywood and NBC and watched Dateline. Maybe I'll check out the press conference; maybe not. I'm on strike, after all.

Speaking of globes, have you heard about the newest import from India? It's a car called a Tata. Did no one tell the Indians that tatas are boobs? Yes, yes, I know the car was named after the guy who created it, Mr. Tata--but still, if Henry Ford had been Henry Breast, whatever would he have called his car? Mr. Tata and the Tata.

I'm really looking forward to the advertising campaign on the Tata. Will they have, as usual, buxom beauties hanging over it at the car shows? Or will they just stick a big nipple on the hood?


  1. Simon5:57 AM

    You know, you missed a great opportunity for the caption on that photograph.
    Shouldn't it have read "A pair of Tatas"?

  2. Yeah, I saw that car on CNN. Talk about low-budget, it reminds me of Hyundais when they first came out in the 80s. What? You want TWO side mirrors? Air conditioning? That's in the deluxe model.

  3. Can you imagine driving that thing on the 405? No thanks.

  4. Where's its front end? That thing looks like danger incarnate.
    But you do have me laughing about the inadvertent name association. I guess you could say that the car just "doesn't translate".

  5. simon: you're right, and I'm obviously slipping.

    karl: I believe heat also is extra. But then I remember when I first tried to buy a Mini Cooper in England years ago. No heat there either. Must have something to do with the Empire.

    whit: wanna set up a pool for the first day you see one on the 405?

    cce: It's evidently real popular in India...I won't even continue with that line of thought.

  6. ha!! that's hilarious!! i don't think that car will do well over here. no a/c and no radio?! i don't think too many people will be going for that one!


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