Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pa Joad Left Last Night

Tied his mattress to the top of his vehicle and lit out for parts north, Yuba City to be exact, where he is now a proud homeowner.

You did know that he's been here all this time, didn't you? Through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's...he's been my "tenant." Paying rent. Sleeping in the guest room. Taking the garbage cans out every Sunday, but doing the dishes far less than he used to (in the short time he was in Oregon, he developed a cute habit of just leaving his empty plate sitting on the table-- waiting for Mable to come clear the dishes, I guess). We generally ate dinner together, either of my making or his gathering, and breakfast was ALWAYS a Starbucks and scone (well, it still is, but now I have to go and get it myself, gosh darn it). We coordinated our lives and lived as--well, really as we always did. Which is telling, I'm sure.


  1. That must be a weird feeling after such a long time.

  2. average jane: yeah, totally. I didn't think it would be, so I'm kinda surprised.

  3. I was going to express abject horror or shock or surprise or something, but then I'm living with a man who is not my husband, so who am I to express such things, really.

  4. margaret: now it's my turn to express, have a male roomie in LA?


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