Sunday, January 06, 2008

Election 2008: Off the Top of My Head....

...which means my gut response, okay? This is what I wrote to a friend of mine today in response to an email in which she asked what I think....

I watched the debates last night too. Of the Republicans, I like McCain the best. Of the Dems--well, I'm still not sure ( me and you and the rest of the country, it seems). I do like Hillary because I think she has what it takes to (a) outplay the Republicans (like Rove), and (b) deal with the messes abroad. I sorta like Edwards, but I don't think he can go head to head on foreign affairs. I DO NOT LIKE OBAMA. Did I say that loudly enough? I haven't liked him from the gitgo. He's eloquent and passionate and, if you like the type, attractive enough, but I don't think there's any there there behind his fancy words. It's so easy to promise the world; but that doesn't last much past the Inauguration (as we've seen with the last Congressional elections). I liveblogged the debates on Twitter and my last post was "The Republicans will eat Obama for breakfast." So that leaves me with Hillary--or McCain, if I switch parties(!).


  1. Anonymous6:15 AM

    I agree with you 100% on Obama. Eloquence does not a President make. There needs to be some substance - depth -

    I think that John Edwards has a wonderful heart and passion for those less fortunate than himself. But, we are in a global world.

    Hillary has my vote - and I cannot switch parties....

  2. askatknits: then we are in accord...great minds, etc. etc.

  3. I think John Edwards rocks, and I love Obama because he makes me feel like John F. Kennedy is speaking.

    I cannot abide Hillary. She trumpets her experience - doing WHAT? Being a wife does not mean she has political experience. One term as a senator. Big deal. Her husband wasn't so great, either - he gave us NAFTA and the WTO. I honestly believe she would do or say ANYTHING to get elected.


So--whaddaya think?