Friday, January 18, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things....tra la

Just some of the projects I have on needles at the moment. Note how many of them are fingering yarn. Remember what I told you about fingering yarn...and the size 1 or 2 needles. What does it say about me that I love this stuff and these needles and I AM INCAPABLE OF SUSTAINING INTEREST IN ANYTHING THAT TAKES MORE THAN 3 days? Do you think I am setting myself up for failure? Or, am I just trying to challenge myself, to move beyond my comfort zone--as I'm doing with this Blog 365? Pro or con, answer as you will, making sure to support all of your points with specifics. And no comma splices, goddamit!


  1. I love the color of your yarns especially the ones in pics 3 & 4 very nice I can't wait to see what they all end up as

  2. What do you think it says about you? Does it matter what I think? I could probably only speak to what I would say about myself and that would be different for you.
    I am once again jealous, this time, of your hand- eye coordination. I cannot knit, crochet, or anything like it...

  3. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Hmmmm, okay - here are my thoughts on this perplexing knitter problem. I have found that if I buy larger needles - the urge to put a project on them hits! Buy more larger knitting needles! By the way - what is the gorgeous yarn in photo #4??? Very nice!

  4. I love the skinny yarn too, but I also love the fat yarn because with it I can knit a pair of mittens in about three hours. Right now I am making skinny yarn socks, but this morning I made mittens from start to finish. Try some big yarns, too.

  5. ~raenwa~: Me too...can't wait to see what they all end up as--and when.

    denise: yeah, I know, but I'm always interested in other people's take on things.

    askatknits: have big needles...lots of them. I associate them with big garments. And I'm too, ahem!, big these days to wear those big garments.

    nina: mittens=New York; useless in northern CA unless one does winter sports--and we know how I am about sports.

  6. oh, and the gorgeous yarn in photo #4 is Plymouth Yarn's Royal Bamboo.


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