Saturday, January 26, 2008

Here She Comes...

When I was a kid, watching the Miss America contest was right up there with watching the Oscars. Yeah, it's been a joke all these years since, but I was willing to see if they could actually make it more relevant and contemporary and all those other things that they've been advertising. I watched the Miss America Reality Check where the judges were trying to get the women to lose the makeup and the hair spray--and they did for that show, pretty much. In the ads for the actual contest, you could see that we were supposed to think of Miss America as another American Idol or Dancing With The Stars. But someone forgot to tell the organizers of the state competitions, because by and large what they've put in front of us would be sneered off the stage by the likes of Cowell and Bruno. In the talent competition, there was only ONE contestant that was remotely 21st century. The others were ballet dancers (make that mediocre ballet dancers) opera singers, and a violinist, who wasn't bad but what do I know about violin playing?

I've been live Twittering the finals, so if you want to see my scoop, eyes right:


  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Jane, I wanted to let you know that reading your blog has "made my day"...

    :-) Thanks!

  2. askatknits: and since you're my only commenter, you made my day!

  3. Thanks for the Twitter updates! I have no TV, so I can't keep track of these things in real time.

  4. nina: glad to do my part--wanna help with the cable bill?


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