Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wired for another year....

I just bit the bullet and pushed the WIRED renewal card through the mail slot. I caved, I did, and signed up for another 12 months.

Why, you might ask. Because, I might say, as you my faithful readers well know, I'm a magazine junkie. This year, however, due to the absolute dearth of income coming into my house, I've decided I must, absolutely must cut down. So I let this one lapse
because really, now that I don't live in West Hollywood anymore, it's just not the same. Then it was my neighborhood rag and I would check it out just to see who and what was around the corner at Fred Segal's or Revolution....
and this one
because really, although I'm still a makeup and face care aficionado, there just isn't enough new stuff out there to catch my interest. I have read so many articles over so many years about face care, wrinkles, botox, plastic surgery that I could write them (hey, that's an idea: magazine me!). What I could really write is any of the features about the Sixties, because, guys, I was there! I actually walked the streets of London with Twiggies drawn down my cheeks, and trust me, reading about it just ain't the same.

These decisions to bail on the subscriptions are, I realize, a recognition of my having passed out of the demographic pool of their readers. I feel as if that passed out should be accompanied by a dirge because it really says something significant to me. What, I'm not quite sure, but I am certain it's significant. And sad. But also truthful. [Trust me to make a really big deal about magazine subscriptions....!]

And I had decided to let my sub to Wired go because, I dunno, there's just so much cool stuff in it, and it gets the geek in me all jazzed up, but then I fall flat to the earth knowing I can never catch up with the knowledge base enough to really be a player. Then last night I started reading the December issue, the one that arrived with a big THIS IS YOUR LAST ISSUE card attached. It's got such a pretty cover
but when I opened it and started paging through, I was struck by how this has become a guy's magazine. The Dillard's ads are all for men's clothing and the Garmin ad features a hot babe. Okay, that's fine. I've subscribed to other men's magazines, not for the ads, but for the articles. Here, though, is what I got at Wired this month: The "What's Inside" feature deconstructs athlete's foot cream and the How To section shows me four cool ways to lace my shoes. What's next, Fifty Ways to Blow A Fart? There's an article on aging, in which 20 is over the hill because only teenage thumbs are adept enough to win text-messaging competitions. Um, guys, who's your audience here or, as my college roommate might say, "who's editing this shit?"

So, why, you're still wanting to know, did I sign on again for another year. For "Jargon Watch" and "Alpha Geek". For "Wired/Tired/Expired". For the "Wish List"--and, oh yeah, the articles that I might get around to reading now that my time isn't taken up with the likes of InStyle and Allure.

Maybe not good enough reasons. But maybe I'm just not ready yet to hang up my geek-credentials, such as they are.


  1. I'm down to two paper magazines: Mental Floss and Archaeology. Everything else I read online now.

  2. I get Wired and Backpacker, but I barely get time to read them. I love magazine's too, tough. One of my favorite things about going to my sister's house is all the People and InStyles she saves me.

  3. average jane: I'm still in love with the paper and heft of magazines. Reading them on-line doesn't do it for me.

    nina: my sister used to subscribe to People for me. then she stopped. i do miss it...

  4. I let my sub to Entertainment Weekly lapse, but then I keep grabbing them at the airport (so I can pay 82% more for them). I actually added 4 or 5 mags to my Amazon wish list just last week.

    Remember Biography Magazine? That one kinda came and went, didn't it?

    But I think I can say that I currently am not a paper subscriber to anything. Anyway, there is something sickly addictive about magazines. I wish I could quit my job and just read magazines all day long. And there are so MANY! I think I could really freak out and mentally collapse if given the opportunity to overstimulate my brain with all that information. Which I guess you would call 'dying of an overdose' when referring to magazines as a drug.

  5. margaret: you got it bad, girl...


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