Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bonus Post: Miss Molly the Orange-haired Harlot

This is just gratis and, also, gratuitous. Molly in her Halloween costume. You may find it similar to last years, but trust me, there is a difference. This year she has a jingly cloth clown's neckthingie to go with her witches hat and hair. These photos, which may or may not be self-explanatory, are of wig as beard and wig on head. Also, just because I can (I think), I'm posting the short video I took of Molly in her costume. I, the director, am giving her multiple commands in the background. She, as you can see, is doing it her way.

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  1. As it turns out, dressing up the dog and dressing up the kids isn't all that different. There is a general and pervasive malaise about the indignity of wearing uncomfortable decorations and, of course, the mother/owner barking ignored commands while trying to shoot footage document.


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