Sunday, November 18, 2007

United We Stand

I'm a writer. Watch this. Laugh. And support us.

Edited: I saw this first--and laughed my ass off--at Mrs. Mogul.


  1. wow - I just posted this same video about an hour ago. I'm with you. I rarely get paid to write, but I know plenty of people, including my sister in law, who derive a meager living from writing for advertising and television. They (you, we, etc) deserve fair compensation.

  2. nina:

    I came back to credit Mrs. Mogul and here's your comment...great minds do think alike (this is the second time today I've written that highly original sentence, so maybe mine isn't such a great mind).

  3. LOL Jane. :)

    And FYI, I migrated all my Google Reader feeds over from my *other* Gmail account login to THIS ONE, so I can now more easily comment (no more logging out / logging in issues). I feel so freeeeee! :)

    Expect more comments, now. Just a warning, y'know.

  4. tj: i love ya!!!!

  5. Oh that's funny -- who needs Jon Stewart, that guy did a fine job of delivering his own jokes too!


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