Thursday, November 15, 2007

News of the Day...

...whatever. I just wanted a subject line that was remotely...I dunno, remote? I have started writing a/this/any blog post three or four times over the past couple of days. I get a couple of words, maybe a couple of lines in and then I totally lose interest. Or I start doing weird, obfuscating stuff like remotely/remote. Obfuscating, I say, because I think my mind is turning and twisting because it doesn't want to run in a linear manner. Which might--oh, horrors!--reveal a thing or two. I know this; you know this; and we're all just gonna have to wait it out.

In the meantime....I retired, as you realize, from NaBloPoMo the other day. The sheer and utter tedium of coming up with blog posts that weren't pathtetically tedious was too much for me. And besides, I never win anything. And besides, my stats were/are down and I can blame that on NaBloPoMo, which has moved from a cool, cute, sorta in-thing to do to a huge Ning event enlisting thousands of people.

Too, all the time I was spending on fripperies for my blog to entertain all three of you who are out there (and thank you so much for your comments, you three) is time that I am not spending on my own writing. My own writing: is the blog not my own writing? Well, yes, but to what end? It has lately seemed the equivalent of tossing down yogurt-covered peanuts: yeah, there's protein there; yeah, it's yogurt and not chocolate; but when all is said and done, has it really been worth the peristaltic action entailed? Nah....


  1. Well, I have resorted to drawing little cartoons of my neighbors in a desperate bid for material. At least you bowed out gracefully.

  2. nina: I actually left a comment on your blog yesterday about those same little neighbors (or was it little cartoons?) and the whole fucker disappeared into the internets ether. blech!

  3. I'll read whatever you write...

  4. Gahh!!! You've got me triple browsing to stop and look up words (something I've vowed to do every time I definitively cannot define a word). And it's not just I wandered off on Wikipdeia too to try to keep up with your up-to-the-latest thing on eStuff. Also, my trek off to find out what Ning was, led to a 2 hour detour thru cyberspace, including stopping off to blog on my own only to come back and find that right after the word "Ning" in your post, we essentially say the same thing (that we have 3 readers, and how bout those comments, etc.) I'm here to swear up and down that I wrote my blog before I read the rest of yours, but I still feel like a putz about it.

  5. denise: the feeling is mutual.

    margaret: liar! liar! pants on fire! Nah, I think it's just a case of "great minds think alike..."

  6. I think November is just an exceptionally dull month.

    Sorry I haven't been commenty lately. I'm still reading. Just dull myself.


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