Tuesday, November 06, 2007

F is for the F-bomb...

Did you think I was going to put That Word in my title? The Word I consider such an integral part of my vocabulary. Although I'm beginning to wonder if I'm too old to use it. As in, too old to have long hair. Too old to wear today's fashions. Too old to have a life.

But fuck, no. I'm not too old to use it. It is a wonderfully eloquent word, sometimes the only one that will actually do the job. But one must use it wisely and well. Some people overuse it. One fellow I used to know used it as an all-purpose adjective, adverb, and gerund. He talked something like this: "Hey, whassup, motherfucker? How the fuck are you? And what the fuck's with those fucking 49-ers. Can they not fucking throw a fucking ball, or what. Hey, how about another fucking cocktail to wash down those fucking peanuts you've been fucking eating...." etc etc etc

His use of the word was too, too much. It lost it's meaning. People with small children avoided him. I've lost touch with him, told him, basically, to fuck off.

The judicious use of the word fuck, on the other hand, can rouse a crowd. Or convince someone that you really, really mean something. Or be exactly the right turn-on-one's-heel mutter.

Some people are very much against the use of fuck and other such words in blogs and other public places. I think I read the other day a post and many comments on just such a topic. I think I read it because I can't really remember because I was skimming posts and--what the fuck!--if one is writing that using the f-bomb is not good, right, or just then obviously one is not writing to me. Fuck no.


  1. I once worked with a man who celebrated his 21st birthday on Sept. 15, 1950, as a U.S. Marine participating in the amphibious landing at Inchon, Korea. During the drive inland, one of the jeeps broke down and a young private who was driving looked under the hood and exclaimed, "The fucking fucker is fucked."

    The F-bomb is absolutely essential in communicating nuance.

  2. HAHA, I love this fucking post. Please note that I would comment more often, but I often can't be arsed because I have to sign out of the google/gmail account I have my google reader under and into this toadyjoe one (cuz I'm a lazy moron who can't be arsed to move my google reader to the other account, apparently). However, I am *always* here reading, with every post.

    Sometimes, like today, I just can't not comment, so I go to the effort of logging out / logging in again. :)

    I love you, By Jane. >..<

  3. tj: googledygook! I'm glad you told me though, because I have noted your absence!!!!!!!

  4. I use it way too much, but mostly on my blog. In real life I say it when drunk and among good friends - and then too much... sort of like on my blog. And now I have confused myself.

    Let's just say I say "fuck" too much.

  5. MaryC8:31 PM

    A = asshole
    B = bitch
    C = (sorry...don't like those words)
    D = Damn
    E = Eat me
    F = (well, now that would be Repetitious)
    G = ????


  6. This post fucking made my day.

  7. nina: nah, you use it just right, girl.

    maryc: ahem...do the fathers know you have such a potty mouth???? for which, of course, I love you.....

    mrs. g: fucking glad to oblige


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