Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wysocki's Cats - or how I spent my Friday night

Wysocki's Cats
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I bought a jigsaw puzzle as part of my tool kit for playing with kids. Actually, I bought a thousand piecer, but the one client who was interested in working on puzzles suggested I get the hundred piecer. She and I did that one, and I liked it so much, I made myself a promise to do another on my own. Not for any reason, just because I enjoyed putting the puzzle together.

It's actually quite therapeutic--if you have to spend time with a prepubescent girl who is angry and refuses to talk, jigsaws are the way to go. And it's also a diagnostic tool, at least as far as I myself am concerned. I like small projects that I can finish handily. I like the process of figuring the pieces out, as long as I'm feeling competent. Once I get frustrated, however, I want to pound that piece into place willynilly of whether it fits or not.

The only problem, as far as I can tell, is--what do you do with the thing after it's finished? I know there are people who pour some glue substance on the puzzle and then hang it as art. Ummmm, I don't think that's my style. I could throw the whole thing away, but that seems so wasteful, especially when I know there are legions out there dying to do Wysocki's Cats. I did what I always do in such cases: saved it. I broke it up, put it back in its box, and shoved it in the back of the closet. When I find one of those legions, I will gladly give it to them/him/her/it.

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