Monday, November 27, 2006

Santa Flying Through the Night Sky at The Grove, Los Angeles

The Grove is my spiritual home in LA. I was there the first day it opened back in the spring of 2002. Then I had my aneurysm and spent the rest of the summer in intensive care at Cedars Sinai. If I looked real hard and imagined real well, I could see The Grove from my hospital bed. When I was finally unhooked from all the machines, they put me in rehab. I remember the physical therapist who came to do my first interview.

"What are your goals?" she asked. "What is it that will motivate you to work hard and get out of here? Your family? Friends? Your work?"

"The Grove," I answered immediately. I could see I had thrown her a curve ball, and I needed to explain. "My goal is to go shopping at The Grove."

The look on her face was of utter dismay: such an unworthy goal. But I never wavered and I persevered and several months later, there I was, shopping at The Grove.

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