Saturday, November 04, 2006

In Which I Confess...

...that I've been unfaithful these past months. To ByJane, that is. I have another blog. But I've only posted twice, I swear. Does that make me bad????

It's called Looking For Libby. I started it right when I was looking for a job and there were whole bunches of things (tell me that's not articulate) I was feeling that I didn't want to put in ByJane. It think I explained why in the first post of LFL, so if you're interested, you can read it there. So why am I now coming clean? It has something to do with the level of comfort I now feel revealing myself here. And that's a function of my sense that I'm part of a community of women doing the same. And part of it is a function of my having gotten to that age where "I give a fuck" is a more ready response.

LFL is the place where I'm going to talk about two things: aging and mothers. If you're interested in either of those topics, check it out.


  1. Hey Janey!

    I hope this isn't an inappropirate place to post this, but I was thinking about you, realized I had no e-mail address, and did the obvious thing: google. And here we are. I wanted to e-mail you some recent pics of the kids....e-mail me? Same nni address as always. Some dumb things never change.

    From the looks of the blog(s), you have been keeping yourself quite busy. As always, I am jealous of your wit and wisdom. Hope to hear from you soon.....


  2. hey dodo--everything's appropriate on the net...I'll email you


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