Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pomegranate-glazed Turkey Whatsits

Actually, you can call this dish whatever you want, as I made it up. Today I went shopping at the Co-op and they had on sale turkey pieces. I guess you'd call them cutlets, or maybe tenders. I call them turkey pieces, from the breast. Because they were on sale, I had to buy them, but what to make with them? I saw in my mind's eye (and tasted in my mind's mouth) a Middle Eastern-ish dish, with some sort of dried fruit and couscous. I went to the Buy by the Pound section and got a little of what looked good: dried cranberries, pepitas, and goji berries. I can't explain my choices; they just seemed right. When I got home, though, I found that I didn't have any couscous in the cupboard; but I did have brown rice.

So here's what I did: sauteed chopped red onion and garlic until soft. Cut the turkey into bite size pieces and browned them with the onion/garlic. Added the berries and pepitas and doused the whole lot in about a cup of pomegranate juice. Then I waved a bottle of pomegranate syrup over the whole thing, maybe a couple of tablespoons (maybe more). I'm big on pomegranate these days as IT IS EXCRUCIATINGLY HEALTHY AND I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET. Cook the mess for a while until almost all the liquid is gone, the turkey is cooked and it looks all caramel-y. I cooked the brown rice in a broth made of pomegranate juice and water. Serve the Pomegranate-Glazed Turkey Whatsits on the rice. It is delicious: sweet, savory, crunchy, meaty...and excruciatingly healthy.

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