Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sari Ribbon Scarf - mid-knit

Scarf - mid-knit
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I fell in love with this yarn. It's Louisa Harding's "Sari Ribbon". The colors don't show up here, but it's a varigated yarn in black, loden, and cream with a silver thread shot through the center. I'm doing it without a pattern. I cast on 8 stitches and I've been doing a double or single wrapped drop stitch, interspersed with stockinette, and the occasional line or two of garter. Somehow, somewhere the eight stitches grew to nine, but what the hey--the more the merrier when you're making the pattern up yourself. It's $10.25 for a skein, 66 yards, so my scarf is going to be just as long as one skein goes, which probably isn't much more than a couple of feet. So I got the fringe to add on at the end. I'm going to wear it on Thanksgiving, with a white silky blouse (which I don't yet own). I will post my photo (or one of Molly wearing it) on the day.

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