Sunday, November 05, 2006

How do you blog?

By which I mean: what is your physical stance. By which I mean: what the fuck do you sit at, on and where is it?

I ask because I am, even as we speak, twitching and twisting and writhing. Adjusting my pneumatic chair (which has lost a lot of pneu, if you ask me, since my 255 pound husband started using it). I don't ever remember having such difficulty getting comfortable. Is it because I'm getting old??????

In one room of our house, the one known as The Office is the family PC sitting on a glass-topped dining table from Pier One. In another room of our house, the one know as The Third Bedroom is my above-mentioned office chair and a laptop deskie thing. I give you Exhibit A and B, above.

The dining table is too high. I tried to get a keyboard slider to put under it, but they all need to be screwed into something, which is a wee problem when the something is glass. The laptop desk does adjust but manually, which is awkward to say the least. There is something about this arrangement that forces me into a troll posture, all scrunched up like a player on the Yellow Brick Road. It is painful. And not conducive to creativity.

I imagine that all of you are quite comfortable and therefore effortlessly pouring the prose on the page, so to speak. Where are you doing it?

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  1. I'm not comfortable. The spousage insisted on accepting a chair from his father that is simply not meant to be a desk chair. I end up hunching forward, up on the balls of my feet.

    At work, on the other hand, I have both an Aeron chair and an adjustable footrest. Much better.

    D. needs his own chair. Or you do.


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