Saturday, March 08, 2008

This 'n' That

whatever...yadayadayada...ho hum, wake me when this post is over.

Sorry, gang, but I'm just not in the mood. Maybe I have a headache. Maybe I don't love you anymore....

Did I tell you I decided not to buy a new car?

I decided not to buy a new car. I did the math. A new car would take multiple thousands out of my account plus multiple hundreds every month. For a mere one thousand, I can get new air conditioning. Such a deal. Right? Plus, why would I want to buy a cute little convertible when I already have a cute little convertible? So, it's a little shopworn. There's that chunk missing from the bumper (where did it go--and when?). And it's dirty....yes, soiled, perhaps beyond the scope of all but the greatest of detail experts. Still, it runs, so what am I complaining about? Ungrateful wretch.

Maybe tomorrow I'll arrive at my blog dashboard full of vim and vigor and piss and vinegar, but right now--pfffluey.

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