Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Night, What's on TV?

I watched Dexter tonight. Wow. I haven't had much patience for dramas these past few years. Don't know why: was it them, or me? I watched this one because, well, for the same reason that people climb Everest. It was there. It is one weird show, and I do love weirdness.

I did not watch Oprah's Big Give. Phew. I am so over Oprah. I look at her and I think: hubris, the gods will be descending soon to give you your big pie in the face. I look at her and I think: girl, get rid of some of that makeup. Par-tic-u-lar-ly the mega false eyelashes. They are so, so very false. I look at her and I think: Jim Jones. Watch out for the Kool-Aid, people, because it's sure to be doled out somewhere down the line.

I watched the first fifteen or so minutes of The History Boys, Alan Bennet's movie of his play by, hey!, the same name. T'was ted-i-ous in that way that most pretentious Oxbridgey quasi-intellectual Brit comedies are. Actually, I may just not like Alan Bennet. I recall seeing something of his way back when and not liking that either. So, sorry Mr Bennet, you're just not my cuppa.

And when I wasn't watching TV, I was cooking. I bought some blood oranges the other day, and I've been using them in all sorts of dishes. Well, two really. Both of which I made up. The first was a cold dish of lentils, roasted yellow beets and parsnips and blood oranges.
The second was lambshanks and blood oranges...and a bunch of other stuff too, of course.
The cold dish was quite excellent, thank you very much.
I have not tried the lamb shanks yet, but shall report on them tomorrow.

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