Friday, March 14, 2008

First do what you have to, then reward yourself...

This is my cousin's advice, and today I followed it. First I walked; then I had coffee and ! at Starbucks. But what a walk that was. I'm going to drive it this afternoon, so I can know to the nth of an nth just how far I heaved my body. It took me 40 minutes, door to door.....

Something over a mile, it is. That means that I'm a 40 minute miler. It also means that I walked over two miles today. Hey!

And my reward was the coffee and the ! (which, okay, was a Bearclaw--but sheesh, two miles, guys!). And I got to read someone else's copy of the NY Times Arts & Leisure section. From yesterday, true. But since I'm not in NY, that made no difference to me.

I am feeling so very very GOOD, as in noble and pure and very well exercised.

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