Sunday, March 02, 2008

Missing Posts

So I owe you all a couple, don't I. The 28th and the 1st--right? 'Cause the 29th was a freebie. I'm just going to continue on as usual and sometime in the next year, you'll get TWO EXTRA POSTS. Yeah! For nothing. Yeah, again.

I am writing this from the computer room at the Best Western Sometingorother in Redondo Beach. I don't know if it's me or them, but I cannot get my computer, which is upstairs in my room, to hook into their wireless system. Thus--no posts. Well, actually on the 28th I sent a post, but clearly it's floating around in Bloggers ether, because it sure as hell ain't appearing on ByJane.

But ne'er mind; I'm here now...until my cousin returns from her bike ride. I started out on that bike ride too, but the bike, she was too big for me. I needed a ladder to climb on. Not a prognosticator of a fun ride, a relaxing ride, which is what we were meant to be taking, meandering along the bike path at the beach.

For those of you not in Southern California , yes, the weather is glorious today. But I'll be back in Northern California tomorrow night and maybe it's raining there. Or maybe not.

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