Friday, March 21, 2008

Knit a little, drink a lot...

...or is it the other way around? No, it snot. I am home now and in the mild state of pleasantness that makes me wonder what exactly I'd blow on a breathalizer. I'm walking okay (I think) and I'm talking okay (yes, I'm sure) but the world has a wonderful golden glow about it. I took the most boring, pedestrian piece of knitting I had--a chemo cap that I'm doing for charity. I'm trying to think good thoughts as I knit it, but damn, it's tedious. I don't think I've dropped any stitches, but I'll wait till the light of day to determine that. We were a very large group tonight, about twenty plus knitters. I knew about four. No, that's an exaggeration, but it seems that there's the day crowd at Knitique and the night crowd at Knitique. I'm with the night crowd (you're surprised?) and the day people...I wasn't quite sure who they were. I organized this thing but clearly, it has grown way beyond me. That makes me happy. I see what roots I'm putting down in this community, and that too makes me happy.

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