Friday, March 07, 2008


Sure wish I had a reason to go. Sure sounds like fun. The appeal of this is different for me than BlogHer. Broader, to be sure, but also, less political.

I've not been quiet about the fact that something about BlogHer turned me off. It extended in many ways to the people I met there. They seemed to me to have created a universe of their own and I don't feel welcome there. I haven't written a lot about this because it seems to be my issue, but I've been quietly pulling away. I thought perhaps this all spelled the deathknell to blogging for me, but now I'm thinking, maybe not. When I read about SXSW, my nose sniffs the air, and I get real curious: what's out there? what can I do with it? what can it mean to me? That says to me, there's something there to track--and I'm glad.

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