Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Seder, She is Over

I just walked through the kitchen on my way into the office and, frankly, it's a train wreck. Cabinet doors are open, the dishwasher racks are pulled out and both sinks are full of the debris from our Seder. I'll deal with it tomorrow. That's the blessing of living alone: my housekeeping is purely at the whim of ME!

The Seder was a great success, although I don't know what the rabbis would have thought. I was the only Jew at the table and, frankly, I ain't so up on the finer points of my religion. But what I wanted was a family dinner where people really wanted to be there and really, yes really, liked each other. So rather than making the schlep down to LA to spend Passover with my sister, et al, I made a Seder for my Northern California family: my two stepsons, daughters-in-law, and my granddaughter. As I said in my toast-- I may not have been lucky in love, but I was definitely lucky in my marriage.

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