Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April the First, A Day of Foolishness

...none of which you'll find here, except if you find the rambling postyfoolishness to your taste. To wit (and not), I did nothing today to mark it as April Fools Day. Nor, you will note, did I do anything to change the banner, which still reads February. Hey, what happened to March? Well you might ask. And I wouldn't know what to tell you. Nor can I promise to have the April banner up soon. Just deal with it, okay?

What I did today was a lot of this and a lot of that. This was BS stuff that added up to little. That was making the beginning of something of this MidLifeBloggers thing. It is a thing, which is more than just a blogroll, because I bought the domain name, midlifebloggers.com. I have a burbling idea (that means one that is frothing up from the depths) of having a site where we can post and talk and find each other for any and all sorts of reasons.

Anyone wanna come along for the ride?????

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