Friday, August 10, 2007

The Weather Report: Sunny & Calm

Hey, I'm in an immeasurably improved mood today. 'Cause guess what: my garage walls are being torn apart while an electrician looks for "the worst kind of short you can have," the one that knows no name or place.

When I got home from my Travels With Molly on Wednesday, after I freaked out over some shit about D, I went to cool my parched throat with a Coke and found the garage refrigerator dead. Dead, dead, dead. As were all the lights and garage door. And there was zilch power is the laundry room next to the garage. You can imagine, particularly if you've experienced my creative way with bad words, how I cursed the missing man of the house. The one who knows what to do when bad stuff happens construction-wise. Because he spent 20 odd years in construction. And because he's a man, goddamit, and knowledge of such stuff comes along with the penis. So I called him, and I left a message along the lines of: "if you care anything about me at all, you'll call me back and tell me what to do..." He did and he did, but really fixing electrical problems when you're 700 miles away is a tad difficult.

So today, I looked up E for Electrician and a very nice man is now banging away. I'm not sure how much it will cost me, but at least I'll be able to wash my clothes. Which is a good thing, as Martha says, because I was running out of underwear (I have to use that word every once in a while because it makes my Google stats go up).

But that's not what I want to talk about today. You deserve something cheerful and light after my dirge yesterday, so I've got some Molly photos. She seems to make everyone smile; she's just that kind of a dog.

Lookin' out the window at a rest stop, somewhere near the California-Oregon border.

On the road again. She's in her carseat, which is fixed in the backseat, which offers not a lot of room because it's a little sporty VW convertible, but that's okay with her because she's a sporty dog. The carseat was bought originally for Pupi, our late, great Yorkshire terrier. Molly doesn't mind it being a hand-me-down. Nor does she mind that she is three times Pupi's size. She fits, somehow. Sometimes she leans on the front seat like this, and sometimes she looks out the window. I don't know what she's looking at, but I'm fascinated watching her because she seems to be taking in all the sights and scenery just like a human would. What can be out there that would merit such attention? If there's a dog in the mix, then she goes bananas, but otherwise, she's a Quiet Watcher. She's such a good traveller that I'm thinking of buying a camper and going on the road. Too bad I'm not a guy; she'd be a great chick magnet.


  1. What a cute dog! I'm glad things are looking up for you.

  2. That is one cute dog.

    Try paying the electrician in sex. It usually works to reduce the bill substantially (I'm just joking because one of my best pals is an electrician.)

  3. average jane: isn't she adorable

    oh, geeze, sueb0b, are you pimping for him?

  4. Such a cute fuzzy doggie she is. Ruffle her head for me.

  5. Those electricians. They certainly can "bang away", can't they? LOL.

    Ahem, yes... I have personal experience with this!

    And I've have sent my own personal electrician over to fix your problem (but not to bang away, no indeed), if we weren't just as far if not farther than D. Sorry!

  6. I love Molly! I had the only dog in the world that WOULD NOT look out the window of the care (unless you said "hey! Look at the bunny!")

    I get mad when things go wrong, but it's kind of satisfying to fix things "on your own" which usually translates to writing someone else a check.

  7. You really should do a Travels with Charley... Chick Style.

    I'd buy a copy!

  8. Anonymous11:53 AM

    kids in school soon...i will have to roadtrip down your way soon! miss your energy. Lisa

  9. ratphooey: consider it ruffled--and you do the same with your kidkins.

    tj: so the daddy is an electrician? hmmmmmmmmmm

    lm: i can tell that you are going to be my guru for successful singledom

    queen: I'll have to reread it -- which means I'll have to unpack it - which means I'll have to buy some bookcases. Which means I'm up for a trip to Ikea...interested?

    lisa: and i miss YOUR energy! I could travel to you, ya know....


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