Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Astrologer Daily: Mercury trine Jupiter. | BlogHer

I started reading KT, BlogHer's Astrology Contributing Editor, just about when she first started posting on BlogHer. Which was just about the time that my errant husband decided he didn't want to be married anymore. KT's daily readings just seemed to speak to exactly my situation, and to give me hope, and whatever else I needed to get through the day.

Which just goes to show how the stars can fool you.

Today's reading is: "Today is one of those great times when we can see the trees as well as the forest. Mercury, the planet that rules thought, logic and communication, makes an easy trine to Jupiter, the Big-Picture Planet. Details and grand plans merge in a delightfully complete scenario. Both planets are in energizing Fire signs. We feel optimistic and hopeful for the future. At the moment, words have more impact than we can imagine, so choose yours carefully. Humor, jokes and games go well now.

Today's moon:
Today the Moon is in Cancer all day. It's in the Balsamic Phase, closing in on the New Moon in a few days. It's 11% of full today."

Today I woke sadder than sad. Then I had to cut short Molly's walk because I was crying in the middle of the street, forchrissakes (fortunately I was wearing sunglasses, so other than the tears streaking down my cheeks and the snot blubbering out of my nose, no one could tell--I don't think). And then I got all weepy over Barbara Morgan, the teacher-astronaut, finally making it into space. A dream not so much deferred, but long in coming.

Shall I tell you why? Aw, c'mon, you already know. Why flog a dead horse, as the Brits say. Or try to shore up one's faith in a lost-cause marriage.

"Optimistic and hopeful for the future" is exactly what I don't feel. Able to see the Big Picture? Nope. Just a bunch of days and days and days ahead. The Moon is in the Balsamic Phase. Would that be, as in vinegar? And since four of my moons are in Cancer, not to mention my natal sign, would I be one big old vat of the stuff?

Phooey, I say. Phooey. And a pox on all their houses.


  1. yes, this is the worst of times - once the "shock" of the situation wears off and the reality sets in.

    I think our bodies/minds go into overdrive at first and we go about the business of starting again, but soon when all that business is taken care of, we are left with what you are unfortunately left with now - the dreaded limbo stage.

    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do but ride it out and know that this will soon be your past, the time you got through and you don't know how. But you did.

    I feel for you - because this really really sucks.

  2. Thanks, lm. It really helps to hear that.

  3. Wow. I think LM is exactly right, and I could have used that advice several times in the past few months, too.

    You're not behaving oddly. You're...releasing toxins. That's what a true Californian would say.

  4. And I miss you.

  5. I know how you feel because I felt the same way in the same circumstances a few years ago. But these moments come and go - and gradually they become less frequent and less intense. Honestly.
    And if there's anyone who can not only fill but also live the days and days ahead, it's you. Your pith! That's the compliment to your vinegar.

  6. I'm sorry. :(

    Are you able to write at least? Maybe escape a little so that the day gets broken up into long bouts of hoplessness with some fantasy mixed in?

    Alright that's probably not possible when going through such a profoundly traumatic experience. So, I'm sorry.


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