Monday, August 20, 2007

Me, Alone

This is not a post in which I'm seeking sympathy. It is merely a stating of the facts of my intercourse with the world over the past several days.

Friday: Talked to checker at Raley's when I bought groceries. She wished me a nice evening. I echoed her wish.
Saturday: Wrong number. Asked for Phil. No Phil here. Caller apologized.
Sunday: Talked to barista at Starbucks when I went for morning coffee. She wished me a nice day. I echoed her wish.
Monday: Talked to dentist's receptionist about my October appointment.

I have not included my intercourse with the internet because I am not sure that that is intercourse.

PS - This post was written about 4 pm, but Blogger was down. Not my fault. Not my fault at all.


  1. That's why I have Goldie. It makes me feel like I am having a conversation.

  2. Internet intercourse isn't always faux intercourse. Live chatting counts. I used to spend an hour or so each evening playing the Asian board game Go on the Internet with people all over the world. Between moves, we would chat. There are any number of live sites for cards and board games beyond gambling sites. Hearts online is fun.

    You can even make a case for "comment chatting" as being akin to old-fashioned letter writing -- write, wait for response, write, don't get response, feel hurt.

  3. sueb0b: and I have Molly, true. but inter means between two, and she never answers. although she looks meaningful.

    john: the thing about comment chatting is that--are you even reading this response? Blogger doesn't exactly enable back and forth conversation.

  4. Now you have forced me to figure out how to comment chat. The key is to subscribe to the comment feed in the same way you subscribe to the post feed.

    For instance, your blog post feed URL is

    To subscribe to the comments, change "posts" to "comments" and subscribe -- i.e.

    In this way, you can be alerted when comments are made in the same way the feed alerts you to new posts.


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