Wednesday, August 29, 2007

BlogHer 07 - One Month Later

Call me Little Miss Timely--or say that I wanted to give the whole experience a chance to shake down. Whatever--this is my entry in the Whadja Think Of BlogHer This Year stakes.

1. It was much much better than '06. There seemed, while it was going on, much less grumbling about cliques and in-ness and A-List bloggers. But the latter may have been because they, them of the A list, were absent this year. No Dooce, no Maggie, no Erin. It only occurred to me after the event that maybe they were gently uninvited this year. To allow the lesser folks to shine, perhaps.

2. I knew people! Yeah! And people knew me! Double yeah! So good for the ego.

3. I met people, I networked, I handed out and was handed cards. Here are some of the people I talked to...and liked...and did stuff with...and wanted to get to know better

Marie Drennan

Grace Duffy

Faye Anderson

Birdie Jaworski

Rachel Kramer Bussel

Shannon Entin

Susan Getgood

Lori Shapiro

Maria Niles

Susan Mernit

Kristin Henderson

Valerie Brown

Mary Tsao

Cynthia Samuels

Elana Centor

Heather Sanders

Catherine McNiel

Lady M (Monica)

Pam Mandel

Jody DeVere

Breanne Boyle

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood

Laurie Smithwick

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah


Robyn Tippins

Judy Coates Perez

4. I learned stuff that I wanted to know about this thing called ByJane. Technical stuff. Some of which you're already seeing; some of which I'm still trying to get a grip on.

5. The W was--all that you've heard. Loud, insistently in-your-face cool (2 way mirrors in the bathrooms, for god's sake), and did I mention, loud. Oh, and expensive. I'm not sorry I stayed there, because it was an experience and I do like my experiences. I am sorry I stayed there alone and had to pay for the whole shebang by myself.

6. During the conference, I was overwhelmed with feelings of, I dunno, sisterhood. Now, post-conference I've got a not-so-warm taste in my mouth. This is the year that I'm feeling BlogHer itself is a closed shop, or at least closed to me. Now admittedly I am not all that I might be these days, and Sturdy Girl would tell you, and me, that it's just a question of my perspective, but--some of the BlogHerettes, that is, the Poohbahs, seem a mite, oh, Kappa Kappa Alpha to me. Not that there's anything wrong with that....

7. Will I go next year? I dunno. I'm feeling little blogged out at the moment.


  1. I think I might go to SXSW Interactive next year instead of BlogHer. Who's with me!

  2. Jody DeVere3:38 PM


    Thank you yet once again for your nice comments about our meeting at BlogHer, you are a delightful and charming BlogHer :--) I would love for you to guest post on AskPatty about Your personal car buying or repair stories!


    Jody DeVere

  3. I've always wondered about this. And feared it would be just as you described.

  4. Hi Jane,

    It was great to meet you even though it was too brief and we didn't really get a chance to talk. You were on my list of people I had hoped to meet at the conference so I'm glad that we did.

    I'm sorry to hear of your post conference feelings but hope it won't stop you from continuing to share your voice with BlogHer because I very much appreciate it and enjoy reading what you think.

  5. During Blogher I was personally overwhelmed with feelings of both exhaustion from not going to bed early enough AND appreciation that I didn't venture into the bathroom of two way mirrors.

    Post BlogHer I want someone to make my bed for me and wash my clothes and bring me a coffee while I take advantage of FREE WiFi ... and yet, no one ... not a single person, has offered that up.

    Man, what gives?

    Thank you for being so kind to mention me. I felt like everyone and everything was such a swirl-by (as opposed to a drive by) that I needed just a couple more days to slow down and mingle/talk/BE there without having to be scheduled to go somewhere. :)

  6. sturdy girl: it wasn't endemic or pandemic or even more than sporadic. and I freely admit, it may have been me.

    maria: in the main, my experience was great...and i'll participate in blogher as and when i'm motivated...thanks for responding here, though, and i enjoyed our brief meeting there, too.

    omsh: you said it. too fast, too furious--I'll be visited you frequently again.

  7. I can't believe a month has already gone bu since BlogHer.

    I hear what you're sayin', sista. It was whirlwind and a blast in some ways, a bust in others. I'm glad I went, but felt a bit "eh" at the end.

    Although, I'm sure glad to have met you (and your blog too!)

  8. Jane - thanks for including me in your list of BlogHer buddies. I have to tell you, though, that I am more besotted by BlogHer than disappointed. I've covered a lot of conventions as a news person so maybe I'm just used to huge gatherings of people you have to walk up and talk to but I have such affection and respect for the women of BlogHer -- gifted writers, candid and moving, funny and wise. It's easy to get tangled up but for me, it was a great adventure shared with remarkable companions. Including you.

  9. ghd: time flies, etc. etc. thanks for commenting!

    cynthia samuels: Nope, it's not the huge gatherings of people that left me a bit eh! I too have covered lots of conventions as a newsperson, so I'm not shy at all. I made and saw great BlogHer friends. What I'm talking about--and it isn't really clear to me even now--is a sense of holier-than-thouness that leaves a sheen at times over the site.

  10. Feeling is mutual. It was a pleasure to meet you :-)

    I've never been to SxSW -- it is at such a tough time of year for me to travel, much as I love Austin.

  11. Great to meet you, too. And since your post is written a full month after BlogHer, I now feel better about the fact that I STILL haven't done one!


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