Friday, August 03, 2007

Travels With Molly...

...and apologies to John Steinbeck, but I'm such a fan, and he did do Travels With Charley, and I am about to hit the road with dearest Molly.

We're driving up to Seattle to meet my BFF from the First Grade, henceforth known as BFF1. She's from the East and I'm in the West, but she's got a wedding or something in Washington, which is only about 750 miles north of Elk Grove, so what the hell, why not just load Molly in her carseat and GO!

We leave early tomorrow AM, and I am, of course, taking all electronics with me (I feel so ungrounded without them, doctor, do you think that's a problem?), so I expect to blog and Twitter along the way.

I'm excited. I'm also exhausted--from all the running around and cleaning of car and buying of snacks and washing of dog.

Here she is after a first towel off and then a mad shake and then a rubbing of oneself all over the quilted bedspread. The thing about dogs, or animals in general, is that they do make you laugh. And they do keep you warm in bed. And they are such willing travelling companions.


  1. Drive safely! Have fun!

  2. ok. now. C'mon. Admit this is an upside to the "situation" - leaving at a moments notice for wherever you want!

  3. Awwww... Molly is adorable! Enjoy Seattle, I'm sure getting out of this damned valley will be terrific.

    Dogs make willing travel companions? Really? The dalmatian I used to have, well, let's just not go there.

  4. Just found your blog randomly via Blogher, but I just have to say, oh my goodness, what an adorable dog :)

  5. Dang, wish I'd known. I'm always looking for excuses to go to Seattle! :)

  6. BFF from the first grade? That's awesome!

  7. Molly has a CARSEAT? How cool is that?!

  8. ratphooey: I will. I know.
    lovemonkey: yeah, I need to remember that.
    qofd: molly is a superb travelling companion, not to mention a helluva bedmate.
    amber: thanks for stopping by. I'll be posting more photos of Miss Molly, the Travelling Dolly.
    TJ: well, shoot. It never occurred to me that Idaho was near Seattle. Next time.
    margaret: BFF from 1st grade. Yep, it's awesome.
    les becker: tune in tomorrow when i'll post Molly's road trip photos.


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