Sunday, July 15, 2007

Things To Be Thankful For....

1. In the last several days, since I first added it to my blog, I have earned $.07 from Adsense. I am thrilled. Really. I'm actually making money off my writing again which means that once more, when I fill in the blank at the passport office, I can put "Writer."

2. When I'm feeling out of sorts, no one else has to suffer. Although when I'm feeling out of sorts, it's maybe because no one else here.

3. I'm old enough to eat candy for dinner if I want to.

4. I'm smart enough not to.

5. I have a whoopy-de-do kitchen that faces my mega mega screen TV, so when I'm feeling out-of-sorts, I start cooking and watching moronic TV. A & E reality shows about dwarfs. And small female entertainers. (Does A & E have size issues?) It's a good thing that there are a seemingly endless supply of these shows as I'm just not in the mood for anything that may provoke, even in the slightest, an unwelcome thought or feeling. Nah, that's not true. I'm just incredibly shallow. But then I'm also incredibly over-educated. Are the two related??? Go read HerBadMother; she expressed it perfectly (as is her wont).

6. My mother modeled the cook-when-you're-feeling-punky activity. I just realized that when I wondered why the hell I am spending so much time in the kitchen. Cooking. For myself. When I rarely did so when D was around. And I'm making incredibly fresh, nutritious dishes, that I concoct myself, out of just the two or three things I happen to have in the fridge. Today it was golden beets, two kinds of zucchini, fresh garlic heads that I roasted, peeled, sliced and diced and mixed with some great northern beans (or should that be, Great Northern Beans), olive oil and white balsamic. I'll let you know how it is....

7. My hair will not look very good for BlogHer '07, so no one will have to worry about my tresses out-tressing them.

8. I made it onto Second Life today. For a second or two. I have a deep fear that once in, I won't emerge. But today I got in and out. And for that I am thankful.



  1. I will be over for dinner. Yum.

    My We will be sisters in weird hair together.

  2. I'm sure your hair looks fantastic.

  3. Me? Worry about being out-tressed? HA! And, also, HA!

  4. And, yes - being both shallow and deep, both silly and intellectual, is an art form. One, I feel, that is worth perfecting.

  5. sueb0b: sisters in weird hair--I like always make me feel like my negatives make me positive

    whit: you have been trained incredibly well...did your knee pop up when you wrote that? kudoes to your wife and mom!!!!

    herbadmother: it is the ultimate in oppositions--Bakhtin might be proud of us.

  6. Trashy TV is a necessity at times. It reminds us that our clicker-finger still works and urges us to use it.

    What happened to your hair that it won't out tress someone?


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