Friday, July 06, 2007

Birthday Report...

Here's what happened:
  • Taken to lunch by my sister, BIL, and Kayla. Thought we were getting sushi. Sushi restaurant closed for American holiday. Ended up eating Mexican. And this was fine, since I have been in California long enough to get a palate, however small, for Mexican food. It's only taken about 25 years! And I still don't get the heat factor. After two mouthsful (or should that be mouthfuls?) of something hot, my taste buds spasm and nothing I put in my mouth after that has any flavor. So what's the point, I ask? None, I answer--and try to avoid any but the mildest dishes. Don't be giving me none of that salsa stuff; I take my chips plain, like my men.
  • Taken to dinner by my sister, BIL, First Niece and family. Lobster. Yes. And oysters. And chocolate cake.
As Miss B, who is third in line to the throne after First Niece and Nephew, said: sounds like one of our typical family birthdays, going out to eat and then going out to eat again.

My birthday presents were:
  • gold bracelet from sister and BIL
  • paisley wool shawl from sister and BIL
  • little enamel box in shape of a popcorn wagon from First Niece and family
  • sweater from FN, etc.
  • Pokeman coloring book from Kayla
  • Pokeman cutouts from Sam
I loved everything (of course, wouldn't you) but especially the last two. These kids are deeply into Pokeman, and they've been trying to explain/involve me in their world for several months now. I am getting better, and now have all this reference material to learn from.

I have much to report from my trip. I will save that for tomorrow....

I am catching up on blogs that I missed while away, but definitely wanted to wish a happy happy happy birthday to all of you who are fellow Cancers. Did you know we're in for a rocky six months relationship-wise? And I wondered why all this was befalling me. It's in the stars, kids!


  1. That sounds like a lovely birthday!

  2. I don't know... according to Susan Miller, you are in for some pretty good things in July and the rest of the year. Read about it here:
    Susan Miller Astrology

    Check it out.

    Or, you could just opt for Humorscope

    Happy Birthday. I love Cancers... and get along with almost all of them. That makes sense considering I'm a Pisces.

  3. sounds like one of our typical family birthdays, going out to eat and then going out to eat again.

    Sounds like a perfect birthday to me! Guess it's all in the family.

    The spousage is a Cancer, as well. Wonder what he's going to do to piss me off this time?

    I'm kidding. Sorta.

  4. Awwww.... happy birthday! I missed it!

    So. When should I send over the naked singing telegram?


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