Thursday, July 26, 2007

On My Way, I think...

I'm sitting in the airport in Sacramento, waiting for my flight to Chicago, to BlogHer, to all things good and joyous.

D came over yesterday to stay with Molly. This is, I suppose, part of our sharing custody. Is it weird? Yes, it is. But mostly, I think, because he's something or other that doesn't feel natural to me. I can't put my finger on it, and I'm not sure what the source of it is. If I were to list (which, can't you just tell, I'm about to), I would say it's either:

a. He's wary of being sucked back in by our coupleness. I feel at times as if he's brandishing the sterling cross before me. I told him that. He didn't respond.
b. He's just not "into me" and finds it somewhat aggravating to be in my presence. But how can that be, wonderful, witty person that I am?!
c. He's still in a bad mood, permanently maybe.

Whatever....not much I can do about it. Not anything, actually. Except breathe.

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