Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ever a Newbie? Never a Prof?

I wonder how long it will be before I get this Blogger thing right. The other day, after I posted my tantalizing breakfast menu, a comment appeared. It was from SomeGirl'sName (Taffy, Candy--take your pick)53241 and she was sending me the link about making extra money this summer. Obviously, some bot or other picked up the checking out underwear sentence and popped me into the porn lineup. I did not take the bait. I, mature and wise adult (who should know better than writing about her underwear), deleted the comment. I had never done that before. It was exciting. Then I saw the little Moderate Comments tab and thought--hmmm, wonder what that means. So I hit it and said yes and then--nothing.

No comments at all on that post. Had I really been that offensive? What was I doing writing a whole essay on my breakfast when I hate to read other people's posts about what they ate? Oh, Jane, you are swiftly slithering down the pole to b-o-r-i-n-g.

I tried not to take it personally, which is the way I take everything these days, and I tried to be mature, as befits one of my age. So I logged on this morning to try again, this time a post on yard sales (another fantastic topic, doncha think?). Suddenly a screen I'd never seen before popped up, and what to my wondering eyes did appearing but a Comment, waiting for my approval before posting. So that's what Moderating Comments means.

I've turn that option off, by the way, so please do feel free to comment. Please, please, puhleaze--it's awful quiet over here.


  1. Well, here's a comment. Not much but at least you know someone reads what you write.

    I appreciate what it feels like not to get comments. My blog is woefully lacking in comments, which makes me think the blog itself is woefully lacking. Woe is me, I suppose.

    Anyway, I enjoy your writing. I subscribe to your feed and read each of your posts.

  2. I'm here. I read.

    And mostly comment, if I have something to say.

    And sometimes I comment even when I don't.

  3. Awwww... Jane. Put out the bat signal and we'll drink beers on the fence and sing.

    I hate comment moderation. I tried it once and it was a giant PITA so I stopped and just let them go. But then again, I have never banned ip's either which seems to be a favorite among some bloggers.

    Maybe we're just more easy going?


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