Wednesday, September 10, 2008

See Me In a Goooooood Mood!

I just watched three hours of reality programming. Life in a microcosm. Competition on a small scale. Pettiness gets punished. That's my kind of reality.

America's Next Top Model: I want Isis to win. Why? Because she is so not your typical ANTM contestant. She's battling a bunch of negativity in the house, and it beat her down this time. She better get back on her high horse, flip the naysayers the bird and ride off into the sunset that she deserves.

Project Runway: I want Michael Kors to win. Oh, he's not a contestant. But he makes me laugh, and a man that makes you laugh is worth a fortune. Not to mention that he's Jewish.

Top Design: Is Andrea Schroder not the most gorgeous creature. And I sense that it's the producers that are reminding us again and again and again that--hey, she's married to Rick Schroder. And they're Mormon, which means that this is another arena of reality programming in which the Mormons excel.

And that's all I have to say about anything!

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