Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Rachel Zoe Project

Call me shallow; call me stupid--but I love this program. I love Rachel and I love Brad. They're so incredibly cute, so mini perfect and intently intense about fashion. Like what else would one be so intently intense about?

And I hate Taylor. She's a bitch, a shrew and, after tonight's show, I see why Tay has been badmouthing Brad. I thought maybe the producers weren't showing us what a fuckup he was that would justify Taylor's disdain. But no, she's just pissed off that her friend didn't get Brad's job. Petty, petty, bitchy bitchy--and due for a comeuppance, I hope, in the next week or two. That's what I like about reality shows; they're the 21st century Morality plays.

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