Monday, September 08, 2008

A Magic Spell

Okay, I'm back to breathing...deeply and calmly...quietly and democratically--oops! strike that last one. I'm breathing in the zone...I am...I am...

Reminds me of an ancient spell I learned when I was a kid. These are magic words and if you say them, first slowly and then quickly, you will be awarded with your heart's desire. Ready?
Oh Wa Ta Goo Sy Am
Got it? Now repeat five times, saying it faster and faster each time.

Get it?????

As I recall, I learned that spell the summer I was twelve, at a sleepaway camp in upperstate New York (aren't all sleepaway camps in upperstate New York?). It was the same summer that all the girls in my tent were trying to find our inner Bridie Murphy by hyperventillating and then immediately holding our breath. We also snuck out of camp and bought baby ducklings which we then set afloat in the man-made lake that functioned as the camp swimming hole. The owners of the camp were not pleased, especially as those ducklings would keep shitting in the lake.

Don't you just wish that I'd flash back to that time and take you with me? The pine trees and the sumacs, the dragonflies and the bullfrogs. Flickering campfires. Faraway thunder.

Instead I give you duck poop in the lake. But that's what I remember. That's always the sort of thing I remember.

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