Tuesday, December 18, 2007

There must be an odd miasma of Non-Bloggeratude floating around the neighborhood, because my back yard fence sharer has just posted a "gone fishing...don't know if I'll be back" notice on her blog. And ya know, I feel mighty similar. Somehow lately this blogging thing has gotten, I dunno, stale, boring, puny and purposeless.

I'm not sure why. Even more, I'm not sure I care.

I seem to have been (past tense, you'll note) spending an inordinate amount of time reading and commenting and writing and commenting. To the exclusion of things that might improve my life and state of mind more. Like decorating my bathroom. Ironing my cotton shirts. Fixing up my art studio. Making my writing office a cozy, inspirational nest.

I'm not reading any more blogs where I don't feel it's a two-way connection. I'm resigning my voyeurship rights to those blogs, well-done though they may be, that are group gropes. Pioneer Woman, you're history to me; I will no longer allow you to depress me with your too-perfect life. Mommy-bloggers, unless I know you personally, forget it; your kid's snot is your affair, s'not mine. A-listers, if you have over fifteen commenters, don't look to me to be the sixteenth. My attention span is not such that I can even get through them all and when I do, jesus! someone has already made that pithy comment that ByJane is known for.

My blog's third--or is it fourth (my how time flies, etc etc etc)--was the day before yesterday. I guess it's not inappropriate that I'm asking myself: why am I still doing this? And the answer is, I don't know, but I'm thinking long and hard on it.


  1. Ouch. This happens a lot. Usually, though, there isn't an announcement before a blogger "poofs" - just, one day, I notice they've stopped posting. I'd hate to see you go.

    I find, certain times of year, I only get the chance to both read and comment on a certain number of blogs I like, before I have to resort to just reading the next set, before I've run out of time and the rest have to hang until.... God knows when.

    By the time I get all caught up again, some bloggers have gone AWOL.

    Make me cry every time. I hope you change your mind.

  2. I enjoy well-written blogs. I certainly hope Queenie returns. And I would be very unhappy if you stopped writing.

    Having said that, if it is no longer fun, then stop. If you do not feel personally compelled to write, give it a rest. Take a breath. Wait.

    I'd love to read more of your Hollywood book. Can someone write a book in public, or is that just too personal?

  3. I am grateful that you've popped into my blog and commented, especially since you've explained how you are feeling these days.

    If you decide you want a break, take one. I, for one, won't stop checking back. But maybe if your time and energy isn't going other places that excite you, something else or something new will present itself to write about. Anyway, you are a blogger like no other, so I hope you do not disappear.


  4. les: part of asking myself why i blog is asking why i read a particular blog. I'm glad you read mine and comment and really, I don't intend to stop posting something or other. I'm trying to be--I dunno--mindful about blogging.

    john: I do think someone can write a book in public, and that was my intention with that first posting. It got such a resounding response (!) that I decided maybe I was kidding myself. But I'll get back on track if only for you.

    nina: the feeling is mutual!

  5. Take a break if you need to; decorate, iron, but please come back.

  6. Yes, after your vacation, please write your novel.

  7. Aren't you the testy one! I know what you mean, though.


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