Monday, December 31, 2007

Auld Lang Syne, and all that crap

So it's thirtyseven minutes past ten out here on the left coast, and I"ve been reading the New Year's Auf's from those on the East. Doesn't seem like 2007 was a particularly good year--for anyone. I, on the other hand, despite the fact that my twenty year marriage went belly up and I've been unemployed for longer than I expected and the value of my house went down and my car blew another tire doesn't seem like such a bad year to me, in retrospect (and I'm sober as all shit). I don't know whether I'm too full of Prozac or that mad bout with death five years ago really had a lasting effect, but I'm just seeing stuff that happens as stuff that happens. Nothing more; nothing less. And so I'm excited about 2008. It seems to me to be the first time I'm really in charge of me. Which means--wow! learning what me wants. Now that is a new and different tack.

So I'm going to bed and tomorrow will dawn, tra la tra la. I'll hie over to Knitique for the annual New Year's Knitting Extravaganza, which begins at six a.m. I don't expect I'll be one of those waiting for Danielle et al to unlock the door. But I'll traipse in around eight or so, and I'll knit some and wander through the store and buy more yarn and books and maybe a thingie to learn to spin. I am still working on my bag of goodies from last year's sale--but I'm also almost done with several projects that have been hanging around for, oh, nine or ten years, so I'm entitled, as all the knitters will atttest.

Goodnight and god bless (small g and large G), in whatever way you think best. I'll see you all anon and anon and anon.


  1. Happy New Year, Jane! I must say, your attitude rocks.

    PS - I am planning to go hang with the knitters today too!

  2. That sounds like a great start to the new year, Jane. Have fun.

  3. Please to come over here and rub on me, so I can obtain some of that "what happens, happens" psychic juice. Of course (as you'll know from 5 years ago) it's hard to be mellow & accepting when major chunks of your life are stolen from you... mostly without warning... repeatedly throughout the year. For the most part I really am pretty zen about things, but last year bit me hard. I'm glad to see it gone.

    Happy knitting! Think of me... I'll be working. Sigh. But at least I make time and a half today. *grimace* It's not worth it, I know. My goal for this year? Wait, I mean this MONTH? I mean this WEEK!!! Is to quit my 3rd job. That one really isn't worth it... at all... it's adding stress and filling my calendar (although today is The Main Job), and it's not paying enough (unlike The Second Job) to make it worth it. So there. I've semipublicly announced my intentions, and I therefore must follow through. THIS WEEK!

    Love ya, lady. Don't stop blogging, whatever you do. :)

  4. sturdy: Tell me what your knitters are doing today...

    denise: t'was--and you?

    tj: That zenness--it's a moving on thing. Here today; gone tomorrow. That's why we have friends--so you can remind me what I said, and I can return the favor (and when are you quitting?)

    Love you too. 2008 will be better for you, 2007 was the pits...


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