Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Flotsam and Jetsam...

...which is, as you well know, the crap and crud that floats about in the pristine waters of This Land Is Your Land. It comes from us, we the people, those of us who haven't seen or don't pay attention to this injunction, pressed by your local Good Works people into the concrete above every sewer:

I, however, prefer to use it as a catch all title for the crap and crud that floats about in my mind, as well as all the rest of the stuff that's in there. Such as:
  • So you thought, some of you, that I was writing a legitimate post about Hollywood. Ha! Can you not tell great art when you read it? That is the beginning of the thing I have been working on for quite a while now, and I decided to share it with all five of you. Feel free to comment and critique; I can take it (shure).
  • I love Julianne Hough. She is so incredibly cute. And happy. Do you think she ever has a bad day? She makes me want to start wearing false eyelashes again. And face the world with a Halleluyah glow. And diet. And spend more time doing Pilates. And become a Mormon, because that seems to be something to do with dancing talent, not to mention having huge families.
  • When I find a new blog to read, I put it in my Tryouts folder on my Google Reader. Then if I like it after a while, it goes to My Daily Read folder, which is just at your lower right. I am a picky picky reader. Remember, I've been ruint by years of reading Bad Freshman Comp papers. So not many people get a pass out of the Tryouts. If they're just okay and I read them when I'm hungry for internet communication, then they go into the And I Sometimes Read folder. Yesterday, for the first time ever, a blog made it from Tryouts to Daily Read in less than 24 hours. It's The Daily Coyote, (thanks to Dooce) and I'm in love with him. Go have a look and you will be too.
  • Here's a question for you: what's with all the contests going on in the Blogosphere? Is this not a form of bribery? Read my blog, comment and you'll get entered in the sweepstakes of the century. And some of these contests have HUGE prizes. Like Ree of Confessions of a Pioneer Woman who gave out a $500 Amex card for someone naming a cow she took a picture of. Five hundred dollars! That is not chicken feed--or cow shit, for that matter. Is she just really rich; does ranching pay that much? Or does she get a little payback from the cigarette guys every time she mentions Marlboros? What's the story here? Enquiring minds want to know....


  1. I'm thinkin' Ree makes a mint on her blog. She's completely corporate sponsored on both of her blogs. Did you see how many comments she got from that photo contest? It was an obscene amount of something like 2500! Yowzer and, well, good on 'er.
    Okay... going to go read Dooce, now.

  2. I am flabbergsted by Ree. How the hell does she have time to do all that she does? I think I sort of hate her. But I read her every day... just in case I start to feel good about my life.

  3. natalie: I didn't know, 'cause I ignore the ads on blogs, 'cause people ignore mine since I've only made a couple of stinking dollars since I started.

    denise: my sentiments exactly! at least Dooce has the decency to be insecure and a little nutsy. like the rest of us!

  4. My Better Half just showed me an article about the uselessness of trying to make money off a writing blog...something about long ends of tails and readership and being late to the game. I had already given up on the idea and treat my blog as a sort of warm-up exercise for the creative writing that I am supposed to get done right after writing a new blog post. It's better that way. Trying to support cow-naming contests with AMex gift cards smacks of desperation.
    Sad I'm not on your super selective blog-roll but glad you check in once and awhile!

  5. cce: schveethart--you went a missing for many lonely months this summer. I'm putting you right on, at the top, if you please.

  6. Anonymous9:20 PM

    If you go back through Ree's archives and look at the ranch photos, you will see in the far distance, that the ranch sports not only cattle, and a government contract for wild mustang management, but also oil wells. Me thinks therein lies a real clue. (!) I just think it's sweet that she shares.


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