Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Day In The Life of a Dog with a Bone

This is my contribution to the "How Much Do I Indulge My Dog?" sweepstakes. Molly, poor woefully deprived creature that she is, has never had a bone to gnaw on in her life. Yes, she's had so-called treats that are shaped like a bone. And she nightly gets a Greenie, which is, actually, shaped like a toothbrush. But a real, straight from the animal (by way of my cooking) bone to call her own? Nope, never--poor thing. I felt her pain, however, and yesterday after cooking up the most delicious bean soup using the bone from last week's kosher Christmas ham, I remedied that sad lack.

My initial intention was to maintain the integrity of my living room, and thus, I took the bone and the dog outside. At first she merely sniffed at the thing, but soon her doggie instincts came out full force (not to mention her gluttony; the thing was loaded with meat), and she took it in her mouth (which was no mean feat, considering the size of the thing), and she trotted the front door. Where she stood expectantly, because--wah, wah, wah, it was coooooolld outside and sorta wet and you know how I feel about getting wet.

I do, I do, Molly my love. And what careth I about the integrity of my living room, not to mention the state of my lime green love seat when your pleasure is involved.

For those of you less into video than stills, I offer A Day in the Life of a Dog with a Bone in pictures:

Longshot of dog on sofa snarfing bone.

CU to dog on sofa snarfing bone

CU to dog on sofa showing off somewhat-snarfed bone

CU on what remains of bone after it has been snarfed dry.

Establishing shot of dog reclining on three pillows after successfully snarfing bone.


  1. Wow, that is love. And it's also a fabulous living room, which makes your willingness to allow a ham bone on your sofa all the more impressive. Molly is a lucky creature.

  2. You are brave. And a good doggie mom.

  3. nina: thank you for commenting on my living room. I want to be one of those people who really DECORATE, but somehow it escapes me. Possibly because most of my furniture is from my parents--and we're not talking about family heirlooms. Basically what my lr has going for it is high ceilings and open space--which makes it an excellent echo chamber.

    denise: you mean everyone doesn't do this sort of stuff for their dog?


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