Friday, December 07, 2007

Heigh Ho, etc....

...tis off to LA I go. For--eyes right, please--LA Daddy's 40th birthday party. Will report from the front if not before.


  1. I am hoping to make it. These muscle spasms are hurting me bad.

  2. I just realized that I'd taken you off my friends list on LJ after you stopped posting there. But I see you still have an account, so I added you back... so that now you can read the friends-only entries kinda explaining some of what is going on. If you wanna. :)

  3. You were magnificent the other night.

    woof, woof, meow.

  4. I take it you made it home in one piece?

    It was fun talking to you.

  5. suebob: we missed you!

    kevin: you say the sweetest me again, dollink

    whit: the next party I am going to insist on a minder to take me down that driveway. I'd stay way later and drink way more if I didn't have that looming in front of me!


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