Thursday, January 04, 2007

Starting a Knitting Frenzy, I fear

Today I bought on-line the yarn for this coat, pattern a freebie--hooha! I got it in this color, or something similar called Burnt Orange. I probably should have gone for a darker color as those who know my record of knitting Finished Objects are aware that I may be knitting this as my shroud. Still, I couldn't resist. The pattern just called to me--it's so weird, and throw-y and I'm sure I'll look just like the model in it. Ha! Seriously, I spent some time remembering that I won't look like the model and considering how all those pleats and folds around the middle will work with my already-pleated and folded middle. And I decided, since it already looks like it could be a good coat for a pregnant woman--go for it, Jane.

EDIT: I fixed the link, so it should go to the Elann site for this coat.


  1. That links to Elann's main site, with a vest, not a coat.

    Wanna see the coat!potato2

  2. Gotta love the 'funky' frenzy life throws out at us! What a beautiful piece of art. I think you will enjoy the journey you are about to embark upon with this pattern and fibers!

  3. ratphooey: go to to see the ad I saw when I ordered the yarn

    bonzibunny: so this is your blog name? I can't wait to hear the rationale....and read the blog!


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