Friday, January 05, 2007

Paying Bills...

I am sitting here with that vague, pre-frontal lobotomy headache that I always get whenever I manage to fasten my butt to the seat to Pay Bills (I wanted to put that in a huge purple font, so it should scream as it does in my head, but I've spared you, holding myself to a delicate cap initial letter status). I believe I have mentioned this state before. Like every month or so, when I can no longer avoid the shifting pile of envelopes that have accrued since the last time I paid 'em. And I believe I confessed that it isn't not having the money to pay that bothers me. And it's not having to write checks, because mostly I do on-line (bless you, BofA) banking. It is just the fact of these fucking people wanting something from me. Leave me alone, goddamnit.


  1. What makes them think you owe them something, huh? Those pesky envelopes showing up month after month. I hate them too.

  2. I hate that, too, and I have a wad of them in my handbag I need to pay.

    Which, like you, I will do online.

    But still. It rankles.

  3. Oh my GOD do I agree wholeheartedly with this post.


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