Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blog Lengths-- A Quiz

Today, class, we're discussing length, as in duration, and frequency of blog posts.

1. What do you think is the best, most felicitous, appealing and proper length of a blog post? I have blends (blog friends) who, in my humble opinion, go on forever. But maybe they think I go too short. What say you?????

2. How often should one post? This, obviously, does not apply to those entered in NaBloPoMo. But during so-called normal times--is it better to post one sort of majorly blog a day? That's what I try to do. But how about the times--today seems to be one of them--when I have lots of little things burning to be said. Am I talking too much? Should I be quiet over here in the corner? Do you not have to hear everything that I'm thinking as I'm thinking it? Whaddayahthink?


  1. It depends. :-]

    Lots of times, with people whose writing I enjoy, I like to savor a post and I'm a bit sad if the entry is short. But some folks blather. It's all about the quality of writing, though I think shorter tends to go over better on the web.

    As for frequency, I think 3-4 times per week is a pretty decent amount.

  2. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I like daily short posts. I rarely read long posts. There's simply too much to read these days. Blogs are best when the entries are short and fast, not long and rambling. That said, blogs are written as much for the person blogging as they are for the readers.

    BTW, I loved your reply to Ronni Bennett---maybe it was over on Blogher?? Can't remember where I was. Everyone who comments on her posts seems to love her so much that I began to wonder if something was wrong w/ me b/c nearly every one of her posts annoys me. At least one other person agrees with me I guess.


So--whaddaya think?