Thursday, January 25, 2007


A new link for me. This is a roundup of blogs in the greater (or lesser?) Sacramento area, including Stockton, Yolo, and Staten Island, I think. No, really, check it out

They've got a link to the Sacramento Bee's Blog Watch and--hey, y'all, my post on Roe v Wade made the list. I think you can vote if you go to the site, but I'm not sure why you'd want to, or what the prize is.

Speaking of my Roe v Wade post--thanks to all the commenters who had such nice things to say about the post. And to the one Anonymous, whose comment was that my post missed the point that there was a dead baby involved--no, dear, I think you missed the point.


  1. I always ignore comments with spelling or grammatical errors.

    Having now been pregnant twice, I can attest to the clear difference between an abortable fetus and an actual baby.

  2. John Hughes4:56 PM

    Back to the topic of the post, I want to thank you for mentioning ipsoSacto

    The site started out as a demonstration of what sort of content could be produced if someone actively monitored the regional blogs. Over the course of 25 weeks I've found more than 270 blogs to watch, and I've been amazed at the range of topics.

    The original hope was that once I demonstrated that blog watching could produce some interesting content that sacbee would stream the content into its Opinion section.

    Unfortunately, the newspaper's management is not eager to touch anything it doesn't own. By own, I mean anything it can edit and modify to fit its needs. Simply streaming content is too "risky."

    So, all that's left of that project is the Sunday column published in Forum called the Blog Watch. During the week I pick stuff I like and other visitors are allowed to nominate stuff. On my Blog Watch 2.1 page, people who register can vote on which posts they like (rating 1 to 5).
    Then on Thursday or Friday, the voting closes and I fix the results so that what I want wins. Then I put together the article published in Forum.

    One of the biggest problems with this (besides the fact that I can cheat the system) is that I only get 750 words for this column. That means I can't use the well-reasoned long blog posts, even though they might be the "best" of the lot.

    In a perfect world, I could have put together your pro-Roe piece with the "Abortion is black genocide" piece and generated some nifty discussions. But, alas, this is not a perfect world.

    Things are changing at The Bee and it is possible even this small nod to the blogosphere will be abandoned. I haven't decide what will becomes of ipsoSacto if that happens.

    I've found blog watching very entertaining. Since I own the domain and operate the server out of my home office, I get to decide what happens. It will probably depend on whether anyone cares what happens.

    Thanks again for the mention.

    John Hughes

  3. Congrats Jane! I'm glad your getting some notice, it's great to see local self-publishers receive some recognition.

    John Hughes site is fabulous.


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