Friday, January 19, 2007

Say Hello to Butare, Rwanda

I don't know if you can see it, but I've got a button on my blog that links to some mega-switchboard in the sky (or the depths, since I do know that the salient wires are buried deep). It gives me reports about Traffic and such, most of which I'm still unblissfully ignorant of.

My favorite report, though, is the one called "Location". That tells me the city and state and country, if you will, of each visitor to my site. Mostly, it's got Elk Groves or Sacramento or Philadelphia. But sometimes my reading public comes from far afield.

I get so excited when I see that. I want to yell "Hello Taipei--whassup?" And "Hey Singapore, how'd you get here?" Or just plain--"Hi Butare, Rwanda. Who are you and will you be back?"

Hi hi hi, world out there. Am I incredibly uncool for getting excited about this????? Does anybody else think it's a wonder, this blogging thing?


  1. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Im in awe of this internet thing...blogging is so spontaneous and constantly amazes me that you can connect with humans from around the world at your finger tips.
    cheers! Lisa

  2. Absolutely! I have a faithful reader from India. You GOTTA love the internet.

  3. I LOVE my little blog watcher thingy, too. It is kind of neat to see where ewveryone is from, but it also provides some mighty strange dis-information, such as showing my home in a different state, or sometimes 200 miles away.

    In addition, I also know you will see me as New York, but in reality, i am right now on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico....

  4. Erica5:01 PM

    Hello from Seattle! :)


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